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One summer I had a little time on my hands and some extra parts so I decided to make one of my favorite cabinets

I remember seeing Donkey Kong for the first time in a mall arcade in Winnipeg Manitoba. It was in between Pacman and Galaxian in the center cluster of cabinets just calling to me. I remember seeing the whole scene and immediately understanding what to do with the little dude at the bottom. I put in my quarter, got up the first ladder and mis jumped a barrel and died. Probably like most little kids did at their first attempt.
I also really loved he way the cabinet looked even with it's cigarette burns on the control top. Everything about the art, shape and colors appealed to me even to this day so this project was really a labor of love.

I unfortunately had to sell my DK when I moved. It went to a retro-loving teenage girl who promised me she's give i a good home. Hopefully I will build another one day.