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One day I was surfing the internet and stumbled across the Build Your Own Arcade Controls forum and saw that people were building their own arcade cabinets! THIS IS AMAZING! I had no idea you could even own your own. (must be a childhood holdover). But when I saw the plethora of info out there I sprung into action.

This is my first attempt at building a cab. It was a pretty good shot if I do say so myself and I learned alot about everything. Woodwork, electronics, PC's, art work, so much goes into one of these it's pretty amazing. I started with grabbing the MDF and then working on he PC side when my back couldn't take anymore.

1 2 3 plexi-glass first-cuts saws mamewah computer buttons1 buttons3 table bezel-stud TV-supports TV-supports-back reset-switch under-control shelf first-cuts-2 monitor speaker inside-flipped-top wiring flipped-top 27inch blue-drinks coindoor marquee2 controltop drink-holder drwho-close drwho-far indiana glow buttons4 glow buttons5 marquee moving test-run trackball winamp maintaining glow buttons2 glow buttons3 controls2 bezel defeat roomies2 roomies3 roomies1 aracde1 arcade3 arcade2 purchase online photo galleryby VisualLightBox.com v5.9